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Private French Tutoring Service for kids and for adults

Our tutors encourage fluency right from the start. We believe this is the best way to learn to speak French, and the way to learn French fast. Our tutoring sessions are relaxed and fun. Whether you're preparing for a trip to a francophone region or for an oral presentation in University, we can help. We also work with children and adolescents to help them succeed in their schools' french programs. Help your child gain confidence and improve their grades in French with a private tutor. Call 647-761-1863 today.

Learn French online for Free

If you are a beginner, or are relearning French after not studying it for a number of years, you may opt to use the beginner section of Learn French Toronto's "French worksheets" drop down box (found in the horizontal menu above). Start with the uppermost unit ("Les Noms") and continue through the beginner units from top to bottom. Bonne chance!


French and English instruction, Private and Small Groups, Competitive rates. To find out more, click here
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